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Quick pitch

Lilith lives in a 15th century small village in Domidan, a fictional country in which a family's honor-ability, mainly focused on the children, is decided by the strength of the male children. Lilith's village is one of the few who allow females to compete in the nex, a competition in fighting. Lilith has left her victory mark as Succo on many of the competitors in the nex and is seen as the strongest competitor in the village. After one of Lilith's fights she goes into the forest around her village for a walk to get her mind off things, and is ambushed by a competing group in the nex. the competing group leaves Lilith for dead in the forest. Lilith is eventually found, an inch from death, by Tirion Daya. Tirion is a highly compassionate man who lives in the forest, separate from society. Lilith begins to observe Tirion's strange ways with confusion, and stubborn pride of her ways. however, after Lilith has spent a time with Tirion his beliefs begin to rub off on her. In time, Lilith starts acting the same way as Tirion. but those beliefs don't rub off well on her family and village when she returns home and is expected to continue on as Succo, the killer.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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