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High school sophomore Alice Dodgson transfers into a boarding school, Cheshire Academy, to avoid traveling the world with her loving but spacey parents so that she can live a normal, or at least semi-normal, life. However, normality soon becomes impossible when she falls down the rabbit hole into her new school’s ‘Private Organization for the Promotion of Eccentricity’, or the POPE, a club consisting of the most interesting and obnoxious people Alice has ever met. Before she realizes it, Alice becomes a member of this ridiculous group, which she affectionately dubs ‘The Idiot Brigade,’ and joins her new friends in helping each other and the rest of the student body solve their problems, whether anyone wants their help or not. But Alice has her own closet full of skeletons and when she’s the one in need, will she reach out to accept the helping hands of her new friends or will lingering regrets about the past hold her down forever?

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ALICE is tied to a chair in a dark room. There is one light pointed at Alice at her and she is all you see.
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Albert (o.s.)
Oh. Well, isn't that kind of you.
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Emily (o.S.)
I know, it's stifling the flow of my writing.
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Lucy (O.S.)
Can you two stop bickering like a married couple for five minutes!? And don't you dare start up again
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