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In this episode we follow Lenny on his route, Artie at a poker game, Nick at Tony Wangs. Nick looses and ends up borrowing money from Tony Wang that all three guys are responsible for.

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thoth777 added dialogue in "scene 5--CandyMan Flashback" on 09/29/2013. thoth777 made 7 other changes. more
candyman: well, money on
action: now Candyman gets a look of seriousness about him.
thoth777 edited a slugline in "Scene 3. Mama Lasalle's Kitchen Table" on 09/28/2013. thoth777 made 3 other changes. more
INT. Scene 3:int day mama laSalle's kitchen
thoth777 added an action in "Scene 2. Looking." on 09/28/2013. more
Action: floorman shrugs. and we watch as Artie palms the floorman a $20 dollar bill. The floorman leads Artie over to the table and seats him in the game.
thoth777 added an action in "Scene 2. Looking." on 09/28/2013. thoth777 made 19 other changes. more
Action: Arti'es eyes light up at the floorman's description. He looks quickly from table 23 to a flatscreen monitor on the wall.
thoth777 added a new scene titled "Scene 9: Tony Wangs Redux" on 09/21/2013. thoth777 made 3 other changes. more

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