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The life story of a quirky, med student working for the police station continues after she experiences what could be life-after-death in the hospital after she gets shot and winds up in a coma. The team at the crime lab work to find the killer of Mrs. Meas and the team at the hospital fight to save Gideon's life.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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MorganRobinson added dialogue in "Scene 5" two years ago. more
A woman goes see another man and comes back late a night, pregnant?
(Waits a beat)
that's not her husband
MorganRobinson edited an action in "This is your first scene." two years ago. more
Flashbacks on the previous episode Inessa is trying to keepGideon from bleeding out of her wound. There is a bullet hole in her stomach and Inessa's hands are covered in blood.Gideon is laying on her back looking up at the sky. She is barely breathing and her eyes are closed. Walter Meas' car is gone and Peter Sharveck is coming out of his house with a towel and a water bottle. Gideon opens her eyes when he approaches her.
MorganRobinson added dialogue in "Scene 5" two years ago. MorganRobinson made 46 other changes. more
Exactly what Meredith said. So, what do you think?
MorganRobinson added dialogue in "Scene 4" two years ago. MorganRobinson made 16 other changes. more
Dixon: (off screen)
But we never told him that Peter killed his wife.
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Auvere: (kindly)
Hey, your friend will be fine.

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