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Quick pitch

Emory works at a bakery in Brooklyn with Gino, a funny older Italian man who calls her "Songbird" because she sings when she bakes. Gino, Emory, and the boy from the bookstore down the road, discuss life and all things and become a great trio.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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Zesp added a slugline in "Dinner at Gino's (apartment)" on 03/02/2014. Zesp made 3 other changes. more
INT. int: gino's apartment
Zesp added an action in "Bread" on 03/01/2014. more
They step outside and EDWIN waves good-bye to them and walks off. GINO and EMORY link arms and
Zesp edited an action in "Bread" on 02/27/2014. Zesp made 17 other changes. more
EMORY takes her apron off and switches it out for her jacket. EDWIN does the same. They head out the kitchen door and EMORY flips the lights off. They get to the front and join
Zesp added an action in "Bread" on 02/27/2014. Zesp made 23 other changes. more
GINO walks away and EMORY starts to laugh. Eventually EDWIN joins in.
Zesp edited dialogue in "The day after" on 02/26/2014. Zesp made 45 other changes. more
(handing over the cash and taking the box)

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