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Beth meets young and handsome accountant Harry, at the bus stop. There is instant chemistry and they soon decide to spend the next hour together.
During the hour they get to know each other and soon, realise that there could be more than just friends on the cards.
The hour passes and sooner or later, Beth has to leave and meet her friends.
When she gets home her parents have invited their work mates around for dinner and their son Harry.

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sorry thank you for passing me the bag. I was in a world of my own. I didn't see where I was going.
Paperlily added an action in "Beth meets Harry" on 11/13/2011. Paperlily made 24 other changes. more
Beth sits back in her seat smiling. She thinks over what she just heard, realising how lonely she is. Its her stop. She gets up to leave, turning back at the two old ladies and smiles.

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