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Lakeville south is full of girl fights, and Australian jungle explorer Bruno Wynter gets to the center of the issue.

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hcky012 added an action in "closing scene" on 12/12/2011. hcky012 made 14 other changes. more
Bruno Wynter runs back to the fight to cheer and the scene fades out to black.
mmpieri added an action in "Parking lot." on 12/09/2011. mmpieri made 22 other changes. more
2 girl walk through the shot towards school laughing, and bruno and camera man follow. one is drinking water.
hcky012 edited a slugline in "Girl fight over guy" on 12/08/2011. hcky012 made 5 other changes. more
INT. INT.-Outside 2nd floor elevator-day.
hcky012 added a slugline in "This is your first scene." on 12/08/2011. hcky012 made 3 other changes. more
INT. INT. right outside the elevator-day
mav95 joined the project! on 12/08/2011. more

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