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Quick pitch

Takes place in a small town in Texas, where no one cares about basketball, especially girls basketball. A new coach for the girls basketball team, tries to get the high school students and the community to get more involved with girls basketball.

It involves everyday high school dramas, boys, secrets, lies. It also involves basketball

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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ashnich14 edited dialogue in "Episode 1" two years ago. ashnich14 made 142 other changes. more
Right and the girls basketball team.
ashnich14 inserted an action in "Episode 1" two years ago. ashnich14 made 132 other changes. more
Fade out.
ashnich14 edited dialogue in "Episode 1" two years ago. ashnich14 made 34 other changes. more
I have to go, see you at tryouts coach.
(Starts running down the hall)
ashnich14 created this project! on 08/07/2013. more

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