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Jenna loves Tom. Tom loves Mariska. Mariska loves being single. They all love short term nostalgia.

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They bump fists.
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Every other place cards now. You're the one who refuses to get a fake I.D.
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TOM and MARISKA, both 19, are getting ready for a night out. The room is clearly split in half. One side is rather neat, almost overly prim. The only decoration is a large poster of Madeleine Albright. The other side looks a bit more "lived in." There are a few shirts crumpled up on the ground, empty water bottles line the dresser. Several posters and handbills hang on the wall, a mixture of various indie bands. This is Mariska's side. Tom sits on Mariska's bed while Mariska searches for something. They're arguing animatedly.
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You know I hate when you correct me!
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INT. Suburban homeEVENING

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