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Paul and Mike were just brothers bickering over the TV remote control in a Southern English suburban household when it happened. But little did they know of the horrific chain of events they couldn't control...

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georgelawson edited dialogue in "Scene 1" on 05/29/2013. georgelawson made 13 other changes. more
I'm sorry... It was an accident, I promise. I'd do anything to prove that to you Paul...
georgelawson added dialogue in "Scene 3" on 05/28/2013. georgelawson made 4 other changes. more
I'm not scared of you, you're just a stupid black box...
georgelawson added dialogue in "Scene 3" on 05/28/2013. georgelawson made 6 other changes. more
Well, what are you doing just standing there, Dad? I'm trying to watch the TV.
georgelawson edited an action in "Scene 2" on 04/28/2013. georgelawson made 43 other changes. more
Mike grabs the remote and tries to turn the TV off, but can't. It stays on, then changes to a silvery fuzzing, which terrifies Mike as he keeps pressing the red 'off' button on the remote.
georgelawson edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 03/29/2013. georgelawson made 41 other changes. more
Now crying heavily, Mike rolls the body into the water which creates a loud, resounding splash and ripples which hit the bank with a repetitive anger.

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