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Just below the calm, homely surface is always a darker side.
Perhaps not all of the townspeople know of it, but it’s always there. In the buildings. In the trees. In the soil itself. It waits for the right time to rear its head, but it will, in time. I can promise you that much – you will See it.
Many of the townspeople have gone and vanished out of thin air, leaving a lingering shadow creeping further into town. The scattered inhabitants carry on living a normal life, ignoring the malicious, writhing evil on their doorsteps.
You've stayed this long? Curious?
Well, curiosity killed the cat.

Glen's Cove follows the peculiar story of residents of a pretty idiosyncratic town. From the great minds of Jagdeep Thiara and Mohamed Ahmed comes a project with supernatural undertones, weird, wacky characters and the most memorable storylines known to man.
The first episode follows Jeph Grader moving into the town of Glen's Cove, he is introduced to characters such as a strange man with objectophillia, a poetic undertaker. A blaring evil lurking in the woods all while Jeph tries to unravel the mystery of the town and find out what caused his uncle Saul to be driven to madness.

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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