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Ellie - Red Lion, Jess - Yellow Lion, Adria - Black Lion, Tati - Blue Lion, Koa - Green Lion

Distress signal received, Tati and Ellie have old friends that are in trouble, Ellie says no to saving them because she refuses to put her new friends in harm's way, Ellie storms out, Jess chases after Ellie, tells Ellie about how she didn't tell anyone on the team that her friends were in danger and they all got enslaved, Jess begs Ellie to go save her friends

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I was on the early morning shift when we got a distress signal. It was from an old cargo ship run by a few of my friends from when I was little, and they were under attack by the Galra. I didn't want to put you all in danger, so I kept it to myself. I sat on that message for days. Finally, I decided to go out and help.

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