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A slightly darker Alice in Wonderland type story about a boy who falls into a well and enters a very strange town called Gloomville.

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WILL , about 14 years old, with extremely short brown hair, almost a buzz cut, walks out of a barn carrying a bucket. He is wearing worn out overalls. He walks past different animals, like pigs, cows and chickens, roaming around in fields, and gets to a well. He places the bucket on the edge of the well and rubs his hands together.
jonzim commented on dialogue. a year ago. more
Great transition!
Pigpoolpro added an action in "Scene 3" a year ago. Pigpoolpro made 18 other changes. more
The bushes and trees rustle, low conversation (too low to hear what is being said) comes from the forest.
jonzim commented on dialogue. a year ago. more
Love this! Such a great job creating a character through dialogue.
Pigpoolpro edited dialogue in "Scene 3" a year ago. more
Will (cont'd)
-in it. I don't really stay up till midnight, and I've never had caramel before so I wouldn't know. Now can I go back home?

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