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Hille City is a city without hope. Ravaged by the recession, drug trade, and a heavy gang presence, there is little light in this dark city. Gabriel Ortega is a high school basketball coach and on hearing about the proposed termination of his school’s athletics funding. He turns to the only thing that can turn this situation around…God. Gabriel begins praying desperately every day for the team to win the state championship; hoping it will gain the school enough recognition to keep the program going and keep the kids who depend on it out of the local gang, but instead things become even bleaker after the death of a young man on his team. After some intense introspection and help from his wife Felecia, Gabriel goes back to the drawing board, asking for God’s Glory to be revealed to this city, for everything that he does to bring Glory to God. Things begin to change, his team begins winning, inching ever closer to the state championship game. But a peculiar thing also begins to happen, any time Gabriel is in front of a microphone to talk about the recent success God shuts Gabriel’s mouth so that all he can manage to say is “Glory to God”. This turns a few heads at first, but after some time becomes the team’s rallying cry after they see what success it brings. Now at the state finals and with everything on the line do Gabriel and the team have enough faith to believe in God and what He can do to see this through to the end: Win, lose or draw?

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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You're telling me?
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My thoughts exactly, Rich.
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The scoreboards react climbing higher and higher.
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You guys...I just couldn't more proud, you're playing your hearts out, I see it and they see it too. Don't give up, show them that you're hungry, that you want this more. I know God is with us and with Him on our side nothing is impossible, not even this. We just gotta keep pushing and we'll make it to the end of this. Rest up and cool down we still got two more quarters left and this is far from over.

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