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A boy is confronted with preventing his father from shooting himself after his aunt calls him telling him to get home and hide the guns.

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Listen here. We know your father has been depressed lately with your mother gone. He sent me a long text saying he was going to go home after work while you and your sister were at school and shoot himself.
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Larry's second key works. He opens the door, throws down his bag and looks around. He grabs three guitars bag containing guitars and takes the guitars out and proceeds to lay them on his couch and leaned against the couches. He carries the now empty guitar bags down a hallway. He opens the door at the end of the hallway, throws the empty bags on the bed and goes to the closet and pulls out a box of ammunition. He places it on the bed, then bends over to his knees, looks under the bed, and grabs a pistol case and two rifles. He grabs the guitar bags and tries to play Tetris with guns, trying to hide the guns and ammunition. He closes the bags, straps one to his back, then struggles to hold the other two bags. He leaves his house, gets on his bike and begins to ride down the street, carrying the bags in one hand, steering the bike with the other, and the shape of a rifle visible, strapped onto his back in a guitar bag.
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