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An average man in 19th century England goes crazy in an attempt to kill the queen.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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logan commented on the scene "The Psychiatric Ward." on 12/25/2008. more
The idea if a fantastic idea. If you don't mind I'd like to write my own version of it.
logan joined the project! on 12/25/2008. more
Feush edited dialogue in "The Psychiatric Ward" on 12/25/2008. Feush made 2 other changes. more
I mean, I'm no saint, but I try to do all the right stuff. You know, I go through the motions everyday. Smiling at people even when I don't mean it. Why, I've even settled down with a wife and kids, treat them well enough. I have myself a little business as a bookkeeper, writing in my basement. I'm a God fearing man as well, go to church every Sunday. But, but for some reason I felt there was something, one little teeny thing, missing from my life. And then I realized it, I couldn't be... I- I wasn't good. I mean, I wasn't at all good. But I had spent my whole life being good. So I needed to do something really bad reeeally awful, to, you know balance it all out.
I had to kill someone. Not just anykilling mind you, it had to be something memorable, something people would remember.
Feush edited an action in "The Psychiatric Ward" on 11/27/2008. Feush made 11 other changes. more
By this time opening music has started to play and the CAMPERA PANS THROUGH the building going around the corridors, the opening credits play and the CAMERA PULLS INTO a doorway. The words 'God Save the Queen' appear. FADE TO BLACK- Enter scene 2.
catmedia joined the project! on 11/22/2008. more

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