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It's about student competing for a Diploma

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*screen changes, showing the camera only on Nikolas while Nigel was talking to Ariel. Nik is pulling faces of reasoning, shrugging to himself, nodding, and thinking. This is showing while Nikolas is saying the following*
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*Nigel sets his flashlight down and pushes the door with Nikolas, swinging it wide open. The two of them pick of their flashlights and walk in. Their light is being reflected by what looks like a giant mirror. They see behind them the door closing with a squeak until it makes a rather silent *click* Upon further observation they see that the walls in front and behind them are entirely covered in mirrors while the walls on either sides have black cabinets that are 7ft tall and 5 ft wide. The cabinets are set right next to each other and have double doors that have latches made of old, smooth, iron. Each cabinet door has an extensive,ancient tree and dense swirls and scrolls. These cabinets look just like the entrance door. They were even made of the same wood*
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*Nigel just stands there scowling at Nikolas then begins to walk off to one if the cabinets. He sits in it and takes out 2 protein bars and a water bottle from his backpack. He brings his knees up to his chin and eats both bars and drinks the whole bottle. Nikolas starts walking over to Nigel's cabinet and sits in the one right next to it, listening to Nigel's noises of chewing, crinkling wrappers, and gulping water. When Nigel finishes
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If he took a right...then a left...went down some stairs, went into a room shaped like a deformed leaf to take a shortcut...then...gosh, this was difficult. He wished he had brought a pen to mark down the path he wanted to take. All this information and shapes were confusing his mind. He rummaged through his backpack to see if there were any writing utensils. Nope...none. He took a deep breathe. Alright, he could do this.

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