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Anthony Deacon is a world-renowned film director. Following the death of a close friend and associate in the movie business, he thinks of getting out, but is approached by Graham Atkins, one of the heads of a production company, to make one final film. However, as production gets underway, pressures from his business partner Peter Wise result in Atkins murdering him. To keep his picture from going under, Deacon covers up the murder.

However, another death, this time of one of the stars' relatives, and an attack from Wise's criminal relatives mean that Anthony must juggle his film, the police investigation and attacks from the mob.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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... Oh well, let's get this over with.
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Yeah, but that's why I love me.
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peter wakefield
Plan B.
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Bertha picks up the pistol and SMG, and then runs into the bedroom and hands one each to Dominic and Anthony. He then crouches, and Dominic and Anthony make their way out into the hallway. The fourth man comes in, however, and shoots Dominic in the throat, then Anthony in the leg, killing Dominic and sending Anthony to the ground. The second mobster then pulls off his mask and shoots Anthony in the chest. Anthony then passes out as Wakefield comes in through the back door and shoots the mobster. He then shoots him again, this time in the head, killing him.

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