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A simple assassination mission gone wrong. Mankind no longer exists. Oddly enough, people are coming back to life eating people alive, like zombies

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Jaiden ignores her.He steps to the zombie and punches the zombie again. It stumbles again,but regains its balance to plunge at Jaiden but he ducks.He hits the zombie with an uppercut,it falls to the ground. Jaiden walks over to the zombie,but the zombie grabs his pants leg. Jaiden pulled out his combat knife and completely severs the zombies arm.The zombies growl in immense pain,its mouth opens up. Jaiden takes his P90 and begins firing rounds in the zombies mouth until its head explodes. Jaiden walks back to the group.
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Since there is ten of us,two running vehicles. A van that hold's eight.So it look's like you two will be paired up again until we reach the market. I will be team Alpha and I choose Roy. You have to choose between Tai and Bill to be on your crew,the reason because if we get separated they can lead you back to camp.When you pick your guy scout right, we'll go left. You will be team Sigma. Doctor, I'm pairing you up with Sammy,and whoever Jaiden and Rayne do not pick. Again just for safety, it's good to have someone with experience. The three of you will be team Swift. Jason and Jessica the two of you will stay back and watch the vehicles, you'll be team Echo. Should danger approach, radio us in understood?
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Oh wow that's crazy. But Ciel had to do it.
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You're welcome, Rayne.
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You're welcome, Rayne!

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