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Roman Stone is an average man who is chosen to become the apprentice of the Grim Reaper who has lost his scythe. He must ultimately defeat the reaper's seven children, the Seven Deadly Sins, who have wrecked the balance of Good and Evil with the Scythe.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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INT. End of scene
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Pat Bonnick
The Hominal has the ability to have stronger traits than any of the regular human. A regular hominal can survive bullets more effectively than a human. These are war machines. We've set laws in their territories, but multiple riots go around.
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Bonnick reveals the cage. A being is inside. He is clawing and biting the cage. The room takes a step back.
KatahjCopley inserted dialogue in "Just Like Them" on 06/19/2014. KatahjCopley made 30 other changes. more
Burt Winston
Just listen.

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