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Four students are placed in a group counseling class. For an hour a week, they share moments of their lives with each other,

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Fade out.
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What are you all looking at? Yeah, I sleep around, so what? Go ahead, judge me. I know you are. I don't care. It's like, life is so short. You eat, you shit, you die. I say, why not live while I'm alive? No fake bullshit, just making the most of my surroundings.
You guys are so fake. Well, not the retard. Not the dork, either. Dork is cool. Alright, so I guess just you, Miss Perfect. You couldn't look me in the eye and say you're happy. Tell me, when was the last time you felt something, I mean really felt it? It's such a joke, the world you live in.
I'll tell yu all smething; I will not be on my death bed wishing things could have gone differently. I'm living now. That is all I need.
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