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Man justifies playing Guitar Hero

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You were a different guy back then. I think about what might of been if the band had stayed together. You guys were good. I was gonna rant and rave about how you need to move on and grow up. But you're right. I see a little of that different guy creeping back when you play this silly game. You know what? Shred the fuck out of that electronic guitar. We can take the chair out tomorrow. It's been a while since we've partied like rock stars.
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I was a musician. When I lost that, I lost my motivation. I love you, I love the kids, but I've failed as a husband and as a father. I have lost my motivation. I need something to make me feel like a man again. And as silly as it sounds, this helps. To hear the crowd cheer, even if it is a computer crowd, it makes me feel good. Almost like I've accomplished something for real. I need this. I think once I beat this, I'll be motivated to move on, but for now, I need to do this. Please.
badjokedan added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 01/24/2008. badjokedan made 12 other changes. more
No, Jim, now. I'm sick of that old recliner and I want it out. I can't carry it.

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