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In a moment of desperation and bravado, Preston and Reg decide to purchase their favorite bar. Quickly, they realize that they are in over their head. Only a month after owning the place, they are forced to close. On their last night at the old stomping ground, Preston decides to destroy the place. He takes a sledgehammer to the floor and uncovers a scroll. The scroll is from the Crusades. On the scroll is a law that turns any land it is found on into a kingdom reaching a mile in every direction. They decide that it's amazing publicity for the pub and decide to keep it open. The pub makes national news and they change the name to GUNNER'S KINGDOM. Soon after that, things take a big turn for the worse. Things start to regress into an actual middle ages and a struggle for King ensues. GUNNER'S KINGDOM is a comedy that explores the question, "have we really come that far?"

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By this point, PRESTON has made his way to the master bedroom where there are clothes everywhere. Some of them are not his. And some of them are not hers. Something is up.
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Baby! I'm home.

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