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Kam, a possessive best friend, Abbey, a desperate hopeless romantic, Hanna, a nerd who finally wants to find love, and Darcy, a feminist who believes that men are evil, arrive at the same school. Abbey plans to focus on her math problems and let her relationship with Kam thrive, but then she meets Alex, an abusive jock who thinks she's pretty. While Abbey thinks he's her guardian angel, Kam sees that he's a jerk. Hanna decides to take a break from her studies and finally start dating. Darcy, who secretly joined a feminist group, uses Hanna for an experiment to see how men will react to looks. But thanks to Darcy's makeover, Hanna becomes a player, making Darcy miss her nerdy friend.

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INT. Kam and Darcy: Calls, calls, calls have gotta end. (hang up phone)
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Abbey: I got it, I think. I get that you

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