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2025. What many have feared has come true. USA is attacked by extraterrestrials. Our military is not strong enough to hold them back. The war triggers an explosion of an experimental fusion reactor that sweeps across the continent. Many humans are not affected. But some gain superpowers.

Many who gained superpowers in this terrible accident chose the wrong path and became evil supervillains, fighting the other superpeople for power. The remaining superpeople created a group that was called H.E.R.O (Hero Evolution Recruitment Organization).

The founders sent out a signal, calling the bravest heroes of the United States of America - and all other countries - to come battle the evil villains and destroy the alien threat.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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Fyera runs up to the robot, and fires a torrent of flames. The robot shudders, and its arm melts.
Superdude added dialogue in "Kairii" on 10/03/2011. Superdude made 9 other changes. more
Oh no.
Superdude added dialogue in "Kairii" on 09/29/2011. Superdude made 17 other changes. more
They're falling back.
Superdude added an action in "Kairii" on 09/29/2011. Superdude made 41 other changes. more
ELECTRON runs down the hill towards three other heroes.

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