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this is the script for our Halo fan film !!!

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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marine from charlie
ok the grunts together with 2 brutes are in the right flank,about 600 feet to the west there is a small bunker where the sargeant is,get there fast they are surounded.
protommie edited an action in "pickup intro" on 04/13/2009. protommie made 4 other changes. more
he was shot by a jackal sniper (he touches a purple flesh wound) you can see the burned plasma. (its quiet for a while) know this is hard but we have to leave him here, we have a pickup to get to. jordan! give me the commander!
ODSTthomas added dialogue in "extract" on 04/07/2009. ODSTthomas made 3 other changes. more
marine 2
ive found them over hire
protommie edited a blog entry. on 04/05/2009. protommie made 2 other changes. more
ODSTthomas edited an action in "extract" on 04/03/2009. more
marines move in small groups of three to the bunker where sargeamt thompson is traped

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