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Quick pitch

Two friends find themselves about to kiss in Ruby's dorm. They both stop themselves because Jared is in a committed relationship. Jared feels terrible and decides he can't control himself so he wants to discontinue being friends. Ruby understand but is very broken up. He still cares about her very much and fights with her to gain closure but can't. She falls deeper and deeper into sorrow. He keeps apologizing and she reminds him that it is her birthday. Jared immediately becomes overwhelmed with that fact he made her cry on her birthday. Her friends enter her dorm with a birthday cake and sing her happy birthday. She pretends to be happy and Jared becomes pale. He leaves and leans against the door and sobs.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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Oh.. Well I find myself trying to convince myself that I am all the time... but situations like this makes it so hard.
God, I feel like complete shit. I just broke up with you.
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(he sits up)
I don't know if we should be friends anymore.

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