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Three teams have made it to the state finals of the Alabama Youth Paintball Championship, and only one of the eager teams can win. When tensions arise between the players, anger having been built up by playing this game for years, the Red team attempts to rig the game, but it may not work out in their favor. The members of each team learn more and more about one another through their training and actual playing, and they begin to form a sort of family. But familial ties can be broken...
In this story, each of the members of the teams will learn that despite their coaches saying its the other way around, the only way to win is to "hate the player, not the game..."

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austin (CONT'D)
(American accent)
Why was I speaking in a British accent, might you ask? Well, that's because I was trying to make myself sound smarter than I really am. Did it work?
Oh, wait, that's right, I can't hear you because all that you're seeing right now has already been filmed. Too bad.
Now, the reason I'm speaking to you right now is because the reel of the film you're currently viewing is experiencing some inexplicable technical difficulties which require mending. I'm talking to you right now, so you won't get bored and so the time which is necessary to fix the film will pass faster.
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(while adjusting his air pressure gage)
Hey, did you two see that one guy on the Green team trying to impress a bunch a girls with pull-ups? I bet if he spends half as much time flexing his muscles as he does practicing, they might actually have a shot at going the distance on this thing.
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orson (os)
That would be us.
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