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ThomasNowak added an action in "scence 2" on 11/16/2009. ThomasNowak made 17 other changes. more
Rubin: who baked these cakes?
In the forum, gretenhardtal created a new post, "????" on 11/13/2009. gretenhardtal made 2 other changes. more
Ryanreisner5 added a comment to headphones 2 on 11/13/2009. more
okay we chaneged it you happy now miss g
ThomasNowak added a comment to headphones 2 on 11/13/2009. ThomasNowak made 1 other comment and 19 other changes. more
its better
Ryanreisner5 added a slugline in "scene" on 11/13/2009. Ryanreisner5 made 5 other changes. more
INT. rubin okay one last question

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