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Heads is a comedy about three college students trying to make money to keep their apartment in Athens,OH. After several failed jobs they decide to try every scheme they can think of to support their meager living, but they find out sometimes it's not the best when people put their heads together.

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WillemHolzer16 edited an action in "Scene 2" on 09/20/2009. WillemHolzer16 made 2 other changes. more
A small thirteen year old boy walks in
WillemHolzer16 added dialogue in "Scene 2" on 09/19/2009. WillemHolzer16 made 24 other changes. more
I have come to Usurp the king!
WillemHolzer16 added an action in "Scene 2" on 09/18/2009. more
CAREY and his friend WOJ(Woah-jah) stand talking while DAVID the other clerk wipes the store front window down.
WillemHolzer16 added a slugline in "Scene 2" on 09/18/2009. WillemHolzer16 made 32 other changes. more
INT. int. Comic book store-afternoon

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