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This is the journey of Snow White's evil queen, Camille, to redemption and freedom from the magic mirror's curse.

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AbbyRuhe added dialogue in "The Task" on 05/09/2014. AbbyRuhe made 6 other changes. more
Consider it done then.
AbbyRuhe added dialogue in "The Task" on 05/08/2014. AbbyRuhe made 26 other changes. more
Very well.
(a pause)
The only thing that can save me is a pure heart. Hearts are only pure for a short time though. Snow White is pregnant now. Her child will be born soon.
AbbyRuhe added an action in "Taking Care" on 05/06/2014. AbbyRuhe made 19 other changes. more
Camille hesitantly takes the clear bowl into her hands.
AbbyRuhe added dialogue in "Taking Care" on 05/05/2014. AbbyRuhe made 20 other changes. more
Just fine. I'm only a little tired. I'll go make us some soup.
AbbyRuhe added an action in "Introduction of the Queen" on 04/24/2014. AbbyRuhe made 18 other changes. more
Camille drags her limp and crippled body towards the mirror. She places her hand against his glass. A reflective hand touches her face and her hand begins to look like the glass. She is absorbed into the mirror.

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