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Hendel and Rosie have started an unusual Sunday pastime of crashing open houses. Their game becomes more complicated when they fall in love with a property and decide to compromise in order to get it.

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The shot opens up and Hendel is revealed sitting at his piano, a handful of half written sheets of music scattered on the bench. He turns to Rosie who is lying on the floor a yard away- she's grasping a hand fan in one hand and a squirt bottle in the other.
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Shot of Hendel then Rosie riding over the ramp on borrowed bikes. Hendel looks ridiculous, his long legs bent almost to his chest. They are giddy trying the ramp jump.
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Of course, of course. I'm just saying, I think its interesting.
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Rosie Voiceover
Refreshing Miracles, that's what Hendel called them. We'd set out on foot daily to find a reprieve from the heat. It'd come in a different form each day- a gate left unlocked to an apartment complex pool, a lemonade stand with fresh sprigs of mint at the bottom of each cup, a sprinkler system gone haywire at Lafayette Park Summer had arrived in full force this year- bringing with it a paralyzing heat wave. One Sunday, unable to spend another minute indoors without air conditioning, we set out on foot to locate the nearest Coke Slurpee. It ended up being more of a journey than an afternoon stroll, but along the way we made our discovery... I was moaning about the sweat tributaries raging down my back. Hendel had just stopped to tie his shoe when we noticed several people coming out of a house all at once. Each one carrying big cups of what looked to be lemonade- with fresh mint crushed at the bottom! Hendel noted the sign on the lawn. I pointed at the balloons tied to it. Together, we made our way across the drive-way. So recently gotten used to dressing up on Sundays and going to open houses...
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Rosie Voiceover
Summer had arrived full force this year bringing with it...Hades. The weather reports said the average high of 109 would continue for the rest of the week and maybe run into the next. Heat wave. Rolling strong and pinning us under. I don't think Los Angeles is supposed to get this feels very unnatural. And intentional. Like this is our turn- the entire city of Los Angeles is getting punished for its unconscious sins all at once in a blanket roasting. God's BBQ. Hendel was having a hard time working. I had lost the will to move.

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