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The Lady of the Lake assembles a team of magical youths to aid her in restoring Tír na nÓg to glory. Niamh, as she is called, takes six recruits with her on a quest to retrieve the Four Treasures, a cauldron, a sword, a spear, and a stone.

There are Etheresca, a French young lady with a powerful connection to magical places and things; Mountebank, an American boy who wields the powers of the elements; Hedgewitch, an Irish girl with prophetic powers; Ghostpyre, a German boy who is skilled with firearms and can turn invisible; Taliesin, an English boy gifted with the magic of charms, songs, and words; and Aurora, an American girl who is learning to manage her talent for transfiguration.

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From-behind view of a man, TRISKELION, taking up much of the left side of the panel, in a champagne-colored suit, sitting at a desk, in a mysterious, old-fashioned office. Looks more like a manor study than a room in any business building. He speaks to someone, NIAMH, off-panel whose dialogue comes from the right side of the panel. A narrative box in the top-left corner states, “Somewhere in New York City.”
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triskelion (CONT'D)
Look, lady, I know you’re magic. But I’m not. And there’s a dozen guys down there with automatic weapons. I’m not sure I like these odds, especially considering this is SUPPOSED to be my PAYMENT.
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Yes, well, understand me, young man, I am older than the trees cut down to build this office of yours. Older than the nation you call home. Older even than the one your people scrambled across the Atlantic to escape. You should show me some respect!

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