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The idea of this movie is about 3 best friends who has the best life any teenager may have. But one of the guys, named Austin, has a girlfriend who disappeared and the only thing he has to remember her by is by a letter she "possibly" left him. There's a twist. Austin meets a girl who just returned to school and she was known to be weird. They fall in love but she fears every time his friends come by. He starts becoming confuse and he confronts her. She tells him she knows the truth of his disappeared girlfriend and that she did not run away, she was killed by his two best friends. This leads to Austin confronting his friends but with a gun. During confrontation, he shoots himself and his friends are left seeing him die.

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ESTABLISHING SHOT of AUSTIN, KELLIN, and BRANDON eating at a fast food place. CLOSE UP ZOOM: into them AUDIO INCREASES into hearing the dialoug.
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