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High Score is a throwback film to the golden age of arcade games. It is set in 1982 and follows a preteen girl, Tiffany Willis, and her best friend, Dave Bryant, who live in uptown NYC and are both huge video game fanatics. Tiffany gets tons of scores on games both at the arcade at the mall and the local arcade down the street. She's a legend at the latter, always gathering up a crowd of people watching her play. She gets her Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and Intellivision fix at the game store nearby. When the arcade is holding a tournament at the end of the year, Tiffany is determined to win. So she and Dave prove they're the best by setting the high score on every arcade across their country.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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MaryPesik inserted dialogue in "At the Mall" 7 months ago. MaryPesik made 25 other changes. more
But God made me play it!
MaryPesik added dialogue in "The Contest" a year ago. MaryPesik made 9 other changes. more
"Oh, oh, what have you done to this rock and roll clown? Oh, what have you done? Photograph..."
MaryPesik added an action in "Flashing Forward" a year ago. MaryPesik made 24 other changes. more
Ron ignores and skates away. Tiffany rolls her eyes as she motions for Gretchen to follow her.
MaryPesik edited an action in "Movie Night" a year ago. more
Tilt down to Tiffany, Dave, Gretchen Miles, and Christopher Kevin outside the movie theater. The marquee says "TRON - OPENING NIGHT".
MaryPesik edited an action in "Flashing Forward" a year ago. MaryPesik made 17 other changes. more
She pushes the START button and starts playing. Some kids come up to her.

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