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Quick pitch

Two very different covert CIA agents are brought together to run surveillance.

R is a uptight, angry, agent who's ambition has gotten him in hot water more than once. Due to his most recent failure he is no longer allowed to work alone. He always thought of himself as an american 007 and is disappointed to have his career relegated to the simplest of Data collection.

V is the antithesis of what anyone would think a CIA agent should be. He is undisciplined, sloppy, has terrible manners and a small drug problem. He really doesn't care about the job any certainly not anything patriotic.

There stakeouts are simple. Wait at a certain location for a person of interest to arrive, note the time of there arrival and what they do.

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What is that supposed to mean? I'm the best in the biz.
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V starts to walk then stops.
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R rolls his eyes and walks down the hill.

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