Synopsis: Kale and Corriander are going on an activity with one of their clubs (Recycling Society) And they bring really "hipster" foods. They start off the outing with a "recycling activity" Then a poetry reading/poetry slam about the earth and recycling. Then during lunch they have play some music (weird music that cant be understood.) people keep leaving throughout the day because it gets too weird for them. Kale and Corriander are "presidents"

Setting: At school or at the park or at someone's house
EXTRAS: 10-12
Sal (Salamander)- Try hard hipster
Other club members (they'll be normal)

Club Logo can be the "Triangle"

Ideas: Instead of calling themselves the "Presidents" of Reycling Club (Society) they call themselves the "Dalai Lamas" of the club. Quote: "We are your spiritual and temporal heads of this club."

"Let's get something straight buddy...
Why not Let's get something GAY? You have a problem with that?
Ok..ok..fine...let's get something HETEROSEXUAL here."


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Potential Acitivities: Recycling Relay
What you need:
3 labeled boxes: 1 recycle, 1 reuse, and 1 trash
2 boxes of clean “trash” (assemble items that might typically be thrown away, include reusable and
recyclable items).

Works well for many age groups. It is a relay race. Basically you get a pile of reusable, recyclable,
landfillable items- maybe about 20 (depending on the age of your group). Then you have three buckets.
One for Reuse, that is placed closest, one that is for Recycling that is placed mid-way, and one for
Landfill/Trash that is placed the furthest away. The team figures out what to do with each item: reuse, recycle, or landfill, and then they have to run to the bucket and place it in the appropriate bin. As you
can tell, the more items they reuse, and then the more items they can recycle, the higher chance they
have for winning. It also reinforces the idea that reuse is cheaper, uses less resources than even
recycling, and that recycling uses less resources than landfilling (and making something with new
materials). At the end you can review what was put in each bin, the team has to explain how they would
have reused the items that they put in the reuse bin to count and confirm that the items they put in the
recycling bin are really recyclable in your community. You can deduct points or do what ever you want. — cindycc101e2 on 02/16/2014

Where Does it Go?
Divide the students into groups of four-five. Assign each of them an end-point in the waste stream –
recycling, landfill, litter/storm drain/Rio Grande, etc. Provide a description of the process and a few small
props. Have the groups act out the process, charades-style, while the other groups try to guess what
they are portraying.

Scavenger Hunt
An event that I've done with kids is to have them find the recyclable items (like a scavenger hunt). Put a
list together of recyclable items (plastic #1 and #2 bottles, various paper items, bottles, etc), and have
them go through a pile of stuff and obtain one of each item. Not only does this educate them on what can
be recycled, but it gets them to consider some options (like magazines) that they may not have known
are recyclable. — cindycc101e2 on 02/16/2014

Recycle Jeopardy:

Click on Education on the left-hand side of the page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on:
You will also find some useful Teacher's aids at Douglas County's Educator ’s Information

THEN you'll see the link for Recycle Jeopardy which has all of the questions so you can make it up and
get kids to play and hopefully give them a prize.

Recycled Art
Bringing in trash and recylables to create as an art project, be it a theme or let the kids just create an
awesome project. Asking kids to develop their own art project and find the materials themselves from the
waste stream is enlightening as well. — cindycc101e2 on 02/16/2014

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