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Lily, a college age babysitter, is searching for medicine for her young charge (the governor's daughter.) She accidentally stumbles on a photograph of the governor and his wife engaging in, ahem, "activities" with various couples in their bedroom. The governor and his wife return to find Lily holding the picture and are furious...

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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hnethery create a branch of the scene titled "The follower" on 05/23/2013. hnethery made 5 other changes. more
hnethery added an action in "The follower" on 05/01/2013. hnethery made 4 other changes. more
Riley, Jack, and Wyatt ride silently.
hnethery added dialogue in "Continuing the search" on 04/30/2013. hnethery made 59 other changes. more
Of course they were! I'll go get them straight away.
hnethery added an action in "The new assignment" on 04/29/2013. hnethery made 17 other changes. more
Riley and Jack nod, then turn and exit.
hnethery added an action in "1(800)WE-PRINT" on 04/24/2013. more
Finn exits.

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