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msaeknesneo added a transition in "5. School" on 01/11/2011. msaeknesneo made 105 other changes. more
msaeknesneo added an action in "4. Redemption" on 01/11/2011. msaeknesneo made 32 other changes. more
They return to the same street where Thomas got beaten up and approach the Belts.
msaeknesneo added an action in "2. Hospital Scene" on 01/11/2011. msaeknesneo made 5 other changes. more
Lena turns to Kelsey to ask her opinion, then notices that Kelsey isn't standing with them but pacing
msaeknesneo added dialogue in "2. Hospital Scene" on 01/11/2011. msaeknesneo made 7 other changes. more
I had to cancel a tutoring session, but I'm really worried about her so I think it's worth it.
msaeknesneo added an action in "1. Initiating Fight Scene" on 01/10/2011. msaeknesneo made 24 other changes. more
Kristen leans down to pick up book, giving Elle an easy opportunity to push her to the ground.

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