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Rowena becomes orphaned after her parents are killed in 1901, around the time of the end of the Victorian era. The story begins in America, but finds its way over to southern England; in Wales to be precise. In Wales resides an old house that has been in Rowena's family for generations. However, when her great-grandmother decided to leave the house to ruin and move to America with her husband, it has been abandoned since. As Rowena is exploring the house, she comes across a glowing orb that is crumbling and fading. Curiosity growing within her, Rowena touches the orb, which begins to pulse brighter and the house creaks. Rowena, frightened, tries to flee from the house, fearing that it is about to crumble upon her. She is stopped by vines wrapping around her and a voice that eerily echoes through her mind trying to calm her. She finds that the house is alive! The house introduces herself as Imogen, and makes the offer to Rowena "If you take care of me, I'll take care of you."

Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)
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