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dawn7806 inserted an action in "Bromance" on 04/18/2011. dawn7806 made 16 other changes. more
Bell rings. Class leaves.
dawn7806 added an action in "Graduation" on 04/13/2011. dawn7806 made 10 other changes. more
As Brian is talking, he grabs the graduation tickets, and he exits out of an application on his laptop. On his desktop is a picture of him and Jason. The camera is zoomed in on the picture, and the scene fades out.
dawn7806 added dialogue in "Saving" on 04/12/2011. dawn7806 made 58 other changes. more
But it would be like Jason's not important to me anymore. It feels like, if I were to move on, I would be forgetting about him.
dawn7806 added an action in "My Girl" on 04/11/2011. dawn7806 made 41 other changes. more
Brian, Jason, and Mae walk inside the classroom, and the scene fades out.

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