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A girl looks after an invisible friend for the day at school. Strange goings on unfurl and there's more to this than meets the eye.

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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MrRat edited a slugline in "INT Classroom 0900" on 04/29/2010. MrRat made 2 other comments and 8 other changes. more
INT. 4. INt Classroom 0900
MrRat added an action in "INT classroom End of school Day" on 04/28/2010. MrRat made 58 other changes. more
The teacher picks up the two books. Stands and wanders around the class.
MrRat edited a slugline in "Ext Playground 0845 Day" on 04/28/2010. MrRat made 74 other changes. more
INT. Ext. Playground before school starts -day
MrRat edited the scene titled "Ext Playground Playtime" on 04/28/2010. MrRat made 13 other changes. more
MrRat edited the scene titled "INT Classroom 0900" on 04/28/2010. MrRat made 8 other changes. more

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