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Tony (CONT'D)
I can't find him at all
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Jason's voice goes silent, they run over to where they heard him, he was by the lake. They look down and they see him. His body is shredded into pieces floating across the river, blood making the whole river change color. Everyone in shock, they look over and they see it, the teddy bear laying next to the river. Tony runs back to his tent. Demarco runs toward the teddy bear. Dez is panicing. Demarco takes the teddy bear and throws it in the fire. Demarco thinks that the bear is burning, but it's not, the teddy bear is just laying there nit being affected by anything. Not burning or smoking or melting. The only thing burning about the bear is the inner demons that are inside of it.
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INT. Scene one- early morning-Tony's house
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They take hands and walk towards the river, both vanishing away and never being seen again.
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Dez walks to the car and as he is walking. The car turns on and the lights come on. He can not see inside the car, so he doesn't know who or what it is. Demarco looks down to see how the teddy bear was looking and it was gone. Demarco was confused and looked real hard into the car and it was the teddy bear. The car was put into drive and went full speed into Dez. Dez did not see it coming, but Demarco pushed him out of the way instead and Demarco was ran over, instantly being killed. The car keeps going off the cliff and into the river.

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