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DTINDLE edited dialogue in "Scene 3 - Home.. alone." a year ago. DTINDLE made 4 other changes. more
Caroline (Internal)
Life is such a boar. I'm stuck in summer school, My parents left me for adoption, and now I have these 3 teenagers bullying me every single day I step out of the house. How and why did I ever get assigned such a bad life that could drive anyone mentally insane...I don't know. It's like everything I know is terrible and insane, and almost to bad to be real. Everyday is a living hell and the flames grow more and more fierce each day. At this point i'm not the one who deserves any of this, they are. I try to do my work but they just focus on bullying me to the point were I finish no work. Well if they want to act worthless, let them do so. All my life I have been treated as their punching back, and stricken multiple times everyday. Well the tides are turning, and I shall be the one to make them punching bags... for good.
DTINDLE added an action in "Scene 7 - The End" a year ago. DTINDLE made 5 other changes. more
The bullies walk behind Caroline and taunt her from afar.
DTINDLE edited dialogue in "Scene 2 - The class" a year ago. DTINDLE made 28 other changes. more
Caroline (whispering)
Just ignore them... just ignore them... just ignore...
DTINDLE added an action in "Scene 5 - The martyr" a year ago. DTINDLE made 52 other changes. more
Caroline will then move to a backroad sidewalk that bully 2 takes to get to school. She then will simply come up from behind and hit them with a baseball bat, and proceed to then beat them to death with the bat. With the bully being unaware of Caroline coming up to them from behind. To add, the first hit will be a straight knockout. Then she will overkill the bully with multiple hits to the head.
DTINDLE edited dialogue in "Scene 2 - The class" a year ago. more
Caroline (whispering to
Just ignore them... just ignore them... just ignore...

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