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Caroline (Internal)
Life is such a boar. I'm stuck in summer school, My parents left me for adoption, and now I have these 3 teenagers bullying me every single day I step out of the house. How and why did I ever get assigned such a bad life that could drive anyone mentally insane...I don't know. It's like everything I know is terrible and insane, and almost to bad to be real. Everyday is a living hell and the flames grow more and more fierce each day. At this point i'm not the one who deserves any of this, they are. I try to do my work but they just focus on bullying me to the point were I finish no work. Well if they want to act worthless, let them do so. All my life I have been treated as their punching back, and stricken multiple times everyday. Well the tides are turning, and I shall be the one to make them punching bags... for good.
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Caroline (Internal)
Everyday I deal with these three idiots who think they are everything. Life would be much easier if someone would really just put them in their places. Never have I done anything to them, but apparently they see me as their chew toy, and soon to be nightmare. Well they don't know about that part just yet.
DTINDLE edited dialogue in "Scene 1 - The introduction" two years ago [view]
Caroline (internal)
School. It's just another term for prison. Especially when adults force you to attend it during the summer. Though school is not literally a term for prison, most students in school are to dumb and lazy to look it up and see for themselves. They would rather become popular, change themselves, and find a weaker target that they can torment. Why they do this? I don't know, but I sure know what needs...
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Caroline is wearing a all black attire (black shoes, shirt, hair is over her face partially, eyeliner, darker clothing yet not gothic look). As she is walking down the pathway to summer school, crossing roads, stores, and other points of interest. But she is followed by a group of bullies, who tease and joke about her from afar. Further and further down the road she tries to tune them out but fails. The bullies become closer and closer to Caroline and start to taunt and tease her more. Making fun of her attire, bragging about themselves to her, calling her names like "emo" "goth girl" or "SDC (Slutty Depressed Caroline)". They call her that last name because one of the bullies started a rumor about Caroline having sex with multiple people for a need of affection, when she has never had sex. This continues on all the way to school, and it kills Caroline every-second.
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