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Ideas to make us like the protagonist:

*the introduction to the character should be positive and warm- don't want to dwell on his sadness or dark side yet so should focus on funny/quaint moments

The first scene- where the kids have to enter his garden to fetch their football, he could deliberately scare the kids and as they run away screaming, he's gutting himself. He then looks down at the football and kicks it into the field where they play.

He could be putting his shoes on, then look at the chair that's under the dining table. Then he puts a pair of shoes/socks on the chair legs and he finds this absolutely hilarious. When the laughter dies down- we have a shot with the chair in the foreground and he walks out the room in the background, then he pops his head back around the doorframe and bursts out laughing again.

He could put on a record/radio and have dance with himself- perhaps using props around the room, "chatting up" the coat stand and then feigning shock when the stand starts getting "fresh" with him, saying that he's a happily married man.

Ideas for creepy/scary moments:

Bedroom door handle comes off earlier in the film. Later, he could be woken up by noise of footsteps outside his bedroom, as they get closer, the camera gets closer to the hole in the door until an eye appears at the hole, searching the room before looking right at him/the camera.
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