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A little boy walks in (also the businessman) and goes over to his dad, as "A Method" by TV On The Radio begins playing.
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The business man runs to his friend's house and you see the car that picked up the masked man in the driveway. He goes to the front door panicked and rings the doorbell. The masked man answers the door and the businessman is shocked and frightened.
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A man is shown walking to his car whilst talking on the phone. He is leaving work very late and his car is the only one left in the garage. He tells his friend that he's on his way to this house. When he's walking to his car he hears footsteps behind him. He stops to see if he can hear the footsteps but they stop as well. He keeps walking and the footsteps start again. He speeds up and so do the footsteps. He turns around and stops to see a cloaked man with a mask standing on the other side of the garage. As soon as you first see the cloaked man "Musica Ricercata II" by Gyorgy Ligeti starts playing. The 2 stare at each other for about 20 seconds until the cloaked man starts to walk slowly towards the businessman and he runs to his car and bolts out of the garage as fast as he can.
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Masked man
Nothing at all...
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He drives away and calls his friend and tells him about what happened.

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