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I think our time is up.... But we'll meet again. Before you go, here's four questions to ponder: Question number one: Do you like hurting other people? Question number two: Who is leaving messages on your answering machine? Question number three: Where are you right now? And the final question: Why are we having this conversation? That's all for now. See you soon.....
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JACKET walks out of his front door to find a package. He pulls a out a pocket knife and opens it. Inside, he finds a rubber chicken mask, identical to RICHARD's, and letter that says "The target is a briefcase. Discretion is of essence. Leave target at point F - 32, inside the dumpster. Failure is not an option. We'll be watching you" Staring at the contents for a few moments, he picks them both up and walks to his car and drives off.
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answering machine
You message: Hey there, this is Sheryl from the Hotline Miami dating service. I was just calling to let you know we have a date set up for you. She'll be waiting at 1229 SW St. And as usual, wear something fancy.
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Reaching his destination, JACKET puts on his rooster mask and bashes through the front door. On his left, he slams into a door and tackles a mobster with a knife and lifts him aside and uses him as a human shield for a second mobster with a gun. The mobster stops when he realizes what he's doing, but it's too late. JACKET flings the body at the mobster with the gun, knocking him over. The mobster can't get up so JACKET straddles him and bashes his head into the floor. He picks up the knife and heads out. Peering around the corner, he sees a mobster with a lead pipe. JACKET sprints towards him and right when the mobster turns, JACKET has him in an embrace with his knife in the mobster's stomach. He takes his lead pipe and rushes into another room. In the room, JACKET cracks a mobster on the back of his head while his friend is on the couch, loading his gun. The idle mobster fumbles with his gun as JACKET grabs the dead mobster's gun and shoots him before he could even get out of the couch.
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Peering around the corner, he spots another mobster armed with a machete. He runs towards the guard and flings his weapon. It hits the guard square in the head. While he is down, JACKET slits the mobster's throat with the machete before barging into another room. He quickly dispatches one mobster by stabbing him in the back while the other across the room stumbles with his gun. As JACKET pulls up towards him, his machete gets knocked from his hand. JACKET and the mobster struggle with the gun. A shot goes off and throws the mobster off balance. JACKET, seizing the opportunity, takes the gun and slams the mobster in the jaw with the gun's stock and shoots the guard.

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