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Hunters become Hunted is about two teens Mayoma and Keeocah who are paranormal hunters. They think they're called for a normal mission with kids playing tricks on crazy old people or ghosts who are lost and confused and are harmless but they're wrong. At the house with paranormal happenings the girls find out something shocking and what happens later is even more disturbing.

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cocoman edited dialogue in "The mission" on 04/11/2014. cocoman made 2 other changes. more
*Talks on phone* I like Linkin Park:Numb but hearing it over and over after every time I get a email it get's annoying.
RandomChick added an action in "The second door" on 05/01/2010. RandomChick made 26 other changes. more
Keeocah grabbed the book which was thrown at her and threw it into the shadows.
RandomChick added an action in "Eva" on 12/31/2009. RandomChick made 18 other changes. more
They then hear heavy breathing from behind them.
RandomChick added an action in "Eva" on 11/18/2009. RandomChick made 2 other changes. more
The girls look around the room for the source of the voice but found nothing and saw nothing.
RandomChick added dialogue in "Eva" on 11/16/2009. RandomChick made 25 other changes. more
Hello.. Who's there...Hello..

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