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Anna Brooks family have always been in the demon hunting business, but Conny and Luis Brooks (parents) don't want that for their daughter. Things were heading in the right direction, at least until there smaller clan of hunters is ambushed and Conny is murdered when Anna was only 3 months old. After Conny's death Luis's heart is filled with hatred and his mind is set on revenge. Anna is raise in the life and learns the ways of the hunter. Little does she know, secrets are soon to be uncovered about who or what she really is. Secrets that her father is unaware of, or his he?

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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This is so cool.i love the screenplay
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INT. int. hunters house - day - present note:this is scene 2
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Anna deftly sheds her coat and bolts toward a large open area in the middle of the warehouse. In dead sprint she fires controlled bursts with the machine pistol as she swings a semi-auto sawed off shotgun from her back into her free hand. Hellions are closing in all around her, dropping from the ceiling and out of every nook and cranny. She picks some off on her left with the machine pistol while effectively clearing the path in front of her with blasts from the shotgun.
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A close up of Satan's face. Blood tears stream down his face as he screams in anguish. We pull back enough to see his full form, beautiful, strong, demented, evil. Fire licks at his body. He attempts to spread his great wings and then pulls them back in blistering pain. We pull back further to see he is encased in a fireball hurtling through space. We pull back much farther to see dozens of fireballs. They finally begin smashing into the lifeless planet earth. Satan's fireball explodes into the ground sending debris everywhere and leaving a small smoldering crater. In the center of the crater Satan's bloody battered body lies in a fetal position. Wings obviously broken, he grimaces in pain as he moves them. He rises to his feet and slowly looks up at the heavens. He screams a scream that begins as any other but becomes more guttural, more animal, twisted. The scream continues impossibly long, his eyes turn to fire, horns painfully emerge from his skull. He reaches around and grotesquely rips his wings from his body. The scream stops and he just stares at the heavens with intense hatred.

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